Fiona Fletcher-Smith talks to Times Radio on proposed changes to National Planning Policy Framework

On Sunday, G15 Chair Fiona Fletcher-Smith sat down with Kate McCann and Adam Boulton at Times Radio to talk about this week’s anticipated planning reform announcements from the government. Fiona explained:

“We welcome the mention of increasing social rented housing in the government’s proposals but are concerned about the prospect of removing housing targets and lifting the requirement of local authorities to produce five-year plans.”

Fiona also highlighted the importance of resourcing local authority planning departments so that they can consult with local communities:

“We need proper conversations with communities about what they need…We have 8.5 million people in this country who are inadequately housed. In London, one in 23 children will go to bed tonight in temporary accommodation. Simply saying ‘no’ to new homes is not an option. If you resource planning properly, you can reach out to the main beneficiaries of new housing, people who don’t normally engage with this process. That means going to schools and other places where people are, to have conversations early, rather than planning committees.”

Fiona also talked about the contribution housing associations make to building new homes, the need for a long-term approach to housing policy and rent setting so the sector can invest in existing and new homes for the future.

Listen here (50 min 30 secs in):

Read the G15’s consultation on the government’s proposed changes to the National Planning Policy Framework here: