Why homes matter

A home is so much more than bricks and mortar. It’s where and how we build our lives, providing safety, security and a sense of belonging. A secure home can give people the foundation they need to support their family, find the kind of work they want to do, and be part of a community.

The effects of the housing crisis

Good housing makes a huge difference to our health, our education and job prospects. That is why the housing crisis has had such a huge knock-on effect on British society and our economy.

A well-housed population is a healthier population. This is especially true in childhood – poor housing increases the risk of poor health and disability by up to 25 per cent during childhood and early adulthood, according to Shelter. Consequences range from meningitis, asthma, and slow growth to mental health issues and problems with behaviour.

For adults, housing-related stress from frequently moving, overcrowding and trouble paying bills can put strain on relationships, finding or keeping a job, and mental and physical health. It’s been estimated by the Building Research Establishment that poor housing costs the NHS up to £1.4 billion per year.

Meanwhile, London’s economy is also suffering as businesses struggle to recruit because so many people cannot afford to live near centres of employment. Research from the Resolution Foundation shows people are increasingly unwilling to move to London for work, a particular challenge for schools and hospitals in inner London.

More than bricks and mortar

Housing associations were founded to provide quality, affordable housing and improve people’s life chances.

We have a strong record of helping people in need by building more homes and creating communities where people can realise their potential.

These aims remain at the heart of everything we do today. By building affordable, good-quality homes we’re not just helping to tackle the housing crisis. We’re helping people live healthier and more fulfilling lives and supporting London’s services and wider economy.