Delivering good quality & safe homes

Delivering good quality safe homes for our residents is our number one priority.

Every year our members invest almost £900m in improvement works and repairs to people's homes, ensuring people can live well.

This year alone we have completed 1.3 million repairs and carried out over 440,000 essential gas and electricity safety checks in our residents’ homes. Nearly 100,000 times in the last year we were there for our residents when they needed us outside of normal working hours to conduct emergency repairs.

We have invested £350m in our residents’ homes to install 10,500 new kitchens, nearly 5,000 new roofs, and more than 21,000 new bathrooms and windows.

The investment we are making in our residents’ homes is also helping to tackle the climate emergency by improving energy efficiency and helping to cut residents’ bills. Over 70% of our homes are already achieving the energy efficiency targets set by government for 2030, well ahead of the private rented and owner-occupied sector, and ahead of the social housing sector average.

The charts below show how we are investing in our residents' homes.

Investment in our homes 21/22

Investment in our homes 2021/22

We invested almost £900m in our homes this year

Key information about the investment we are making in residents' homes

Improvements to our homes 21/22

Improvements to our homes 2021/22

36,638 kitchens, roofs, bathrooms, and windows were fitted this year

Key information about the improvements we are making to residents' homes

Energy Performance 2021/22

Energy Performance of homes 2021/22

71% of homes are rated EPC C or above

Energy performance of our homes