Who we are

The G15 is the group of London’s largest housing associations.

We’re the collective voice of some of the leading organisations in the housing sector.

Our members house one in ten Londoners and are the largest providers of affordable homes in the capital. We build a quarter of all London’s new homes and own or manage more than 770,000 homes across the country.

Housing associations were set up to support people in housing need and this remains at the heart of everything we do today.

We’re independent, charitable organisations and all the money we make is reinvested in building more affordable homes and delivering services for our residents.

Each G15 member is different, but we’re all striving towards the same goal – to solve the capital’s housing crisis and improve the lives of Londoners.

Our purpose

Some of our member organisations are over a hundred years old, some were created as a direct response to the BBC’s seminal 1966 film, Cathy Come Home, to help tackle homelessness, and others to provide homes and care services for older people.

We have the shared purpose of helping people in housing need, building more homes, and creating communities where people can realise their potential.

Our Offer to London

Our Offer to London sets out how we can work together with councils and communities to build more genuinely affordable homes for the people who need them.

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