Tackling the housing crisis

It’s our mission to solve the housing crisis within a generation.

All the money we make goes back into building affordable homes and providing better services for our residents.

We’re tackling London’s housing crisis and issues of affordability, availability and quality. London is one of the most diverse places in the world and the 10,000 new homes we build each year reflect the needs of everyone in our city.

We provide homes at subsidised rent for people nominated by local authorities, including vulnerable residents and people on low incomes. We build accommodation for key workers in the public sector and other specialist homes.

To help fund the affordable homes we build, our members also build housing for open market sale and private rent. As charitable organisations, all the money we make from this goes back into affordable housing and services for residents.

See our progress building homes for Londoners.

But we don’t just build homes. We help improve the lives of Londoners by providing skills and education programmes and support services for our residents, alongside investment in local facilities.

We know that we can do more together by working collaboratively with our residents, councils, developers, the Mayor of London and national government.