Supporting people & communities

We’re long-term partners and lifetime investors.

The G15’s members build the homes that communities need, from small blocks of apartments in central London, to new urban towns and villages and major regeneration schemes. All our development is done in collaboration with communities and relies on our financial strength.

Unlike some developers, we don’t build homes and then walk away. We invest in staff and facilities to support communities for the long term. Our members have always sought to build communities as well as homes.

Through our community and development programmes we support over 13,000 people into training and employment each year. We give debt management advice, promote financial inclusion and provide welfare benefit support.

We combine our housing services and building activity with a variety of support services, including extra care for vulnerable and elderly people. Our homes for key workers – including teachers, nurses and carers – help to support and strengthen local public services.

Each our members have their own initiatives, including:

  • Clarion Futures, which is investing £150 million over 10 years to provide support, skills and opportunities to more than 360,000 social housing residents.
  • Love London Working, a partnership of 16 London housing associations which helps people into work, including those facing issues due to health, disability or the challenge of being a single parent.
  • Optivo’s Fresh Visions, which operates in some of the poorest neighbourhoods in the country and supports children, young people and adults who face extreme disadvantage because of poverty, domestic abuse, lack of education and social exclusion.
  • Many of our members support people in acute housing need. For example, One Housing’s Arlington in Camden, the largest mixed-use homeless hostel in the UK. Since 2010 it’s helped over 550 people gain access to training and qualifications that have led to employment opportunities.
  • We also work in communities to help build social cohesion – the Metropolitan Migration Foundation supports migrants, including refugees and asylum seekers, with the help they need to integrate into their local community.

Meeting local need

All our members’ support programmes are designed to suit the needs of local communities. Our personal relationships with residents and our understanding of the places we work in make us well placed to offer support.