Our Offer to London

Our Offer to London sets out how we can collaborate with councils and communities to build more genuinely affordable homes for people living in the capital.

London’s housing crisis is severe, but with new funding pledges and policy announcements, including reinstating grant funding for social rent homes and lifting the Housing Revenue Account cap, we believe the time has come for housing associations and councils to have a closer and deeper partnership.

Together, housing associations and councils can join forces to tackle London’s housing crisis head-on. That’s why we’ve created our Offer to London. It outlines:

  • The shared opportunities and common challenges that both councils and housing associations face – including a lack of affordable land, uncertainty over construction skills and materials, and the need for more funding that will help us to increase delivery and the proportion of homes we build that are genuinely affordable
  • The foundations for successful partnerships – including our shared social purpose to help those in housing need, our ambitions to deliver more affordable homes, a common focus on the long-term needs of communities and our development expertise
  • A series of commitments we’re making to London’s boroughs, including supporting councils to build more, collaborating to deliver more genuinely affordable homes, helping tackle homelessness, doing more to invest in sustainable communities and improving how we work with each other
Read the G15’s Offer to London