G15 responds to national planning policy consultation

The G15 has responded to the Government's consultation on the proposed changes to the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

Whilst we welcome the stated intention to increase the number homes for social rent through changes to the NPPF, we are concerned that the measures proposed through the new Framework risk reducing rather than increasing the delivery of social and affordable housing.

The removal of housing targets and of the requirement for local authorities with an up-to-date local plan to demonstrate the availability of five-year land supply, will damage the delivery of new social and affordable homes if sites for new homes are not identified well in advance of development.

The G15 is acutely aware of the challenges we as a nation face in meeting social and affordable housing need across the UK. We are determined to meet these head on, completing construction of 11,527 new homes and beginning development on a further 10,605 homes - of which 85% were affordable - in 2021/22.

Many challenges lie ahead. Analysis from Shelter shows that there were over 1.2m people on social housing waiting lists in 2022 – a 5% increase since 2020. In the same year, the UK suffered a net loss of 14,100 social homes through sales and demolition.

The Government must listen to the concerns of the G15 and the wider housing sector; ensuring that changes to the Framework take account of the need for long-term planning and security for the sector to deliver the social and affordable housing that we as a nation so desperately need.

You can read our full response below.

View our full response to the national planning policy consultation here