What we do

The G15’s members own or manage more than 770,000 homes across the country, house around one in ten Londoners, and build more than 10,000 new homes each year.

Together, we are the largest providers of new affordable homes in London and build around 15% of all affordable homes across England. It’s what we were set up to do and what we’re committed to achieving.

We deliver and manage a variety of housing, from below-market rented housing, to homes for shared ownership and private sale for aspiring home owners.

The types of homes we build and manage include:

  • Homes for social rent – homes available at around half market rents in most areas
  • London Affordable Rent – homes rented at around half of market rents in London
  • London Living Rent – homes at discounted rent where residents have the option to buy the property
  • Key worker accommodation – homes at discounted rent levels for public service workers to live near their place of work
  • Supported housing – homes for people with a range of needs and vulnerabilities
  • Extra care – homes that are suitable for very vulnerable people with support services on site
  • Shared ownership – homes that allow people to part-buy, part-rent their home (with opportunities to add to the portion they own as they can afford to do so)
  • Homes for sale – homes sold at market price with the surpluses used to cross-subsidise affordable homes
  • Private rented homes – some G15 members offer market rented homes with the security of a responsible and stable landlord
  • Privately leased homes – some G15 members manage privately leased homes that are let to households nominated by local authorities, such as people who are homeless or in priority need

Our social purpose goes beyond our efforts to deliver housing.

The G15’s members:

  • Support our communities with skills, training and education programmes – we support over 13,000 people into training and employment each year.
  • Give debt management advice, promote financial inclusion and provide welfare benefit support.
  • Offer specialist care and support services to elderly and vulnerable people.
  • Invest in and run local community facilities for our residents and their neighbourhoods.

Our progress and ambition

We build three quarters of London's new affordable homes and last year started building 16% of all new affordable homes across the country.

We want to deliver more new affordable homes.

To do this, we need to work with our partners in the housing sector and have a policy environment that supports our ambition.

Our Offer to London

Our Offer to London sets out how we can work together with councils and communities to build more genuinely affordable homes for the people who need them.

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