UNIFY Annual Conference - the pledge three years on

On 10 November 2023, a significant event will take centre stage as leaders from the G15 member organisations gather to participate in the ‘UNIFY Annual Conference - the pledge three years on.’

This conference marks a pivotal moment in the ongoing journey towards advancing ethnic diversity and accountability within the sector.

At the heart of the conference lies a pivotal morning session, where Chief Executives from various G15 member organisations, alongside their Race Staff Network Leads, will delve into a comprehensive review of their organisation's progress against the pledge.

The primary focus will be on identifying actionable steps to further enhance the pledge's impact and effect real change.

‘The Pledge Three Years On’ marks a significant juncture in this ongoing journey, inviting all participants to reflect on the progress made, the opportunities that lie ahead, and the shared accountability we hold for the pledge's future.

Anthony Were, Chair of Unify Network, expressed his enthusiasm, saying:

"We are very excited to host our annual conference and share the amazing progress we have made – improving awareness of UNIFY Network and enhancing representation in the sector.

"The next chapter of increasing the visibility of the G15 pledge, amplifying the voices of staff networks, and driving collective accountability is a crucial stage for building a sector that best reflects the communities we serve.

"The conference is shaping up to be a great mix of educational information and networking. Come along, find out more, and support the work of the network."

The UNIFY Annual Conference promises to be a landmark event, fostering collaboration, accountability, and a commitment to driving positive change in the realm of diversity and inclusion.

For more information about the conference, including registration details and the event schedule, please visit the UNIFY website.

UNIFY conference agenda 2023 (PDF)