The G15 statement on helping residents sustain their tenancies

  • 12 August 2020

Tenancy sustainability is about helping residents live well in their homes and manage their rent payments.

The G15 has put together statement which sets out the range of ways our members support residents. G15 housing associations have different approaches to tenancy sustainment and some may not do everything set out here. But one thing we all have in common is that eviction is always an absolute last resort.

Our tenancy sustainment action plan

  • Carry out affordability checks for all potential new tenants before we offer them a home
  • Perform early assessments on all new tenants so early referral can be made to the relevant department/support service
  • Send Universal Credit letters to all new claimants stating the amount they must pay and inviting them for interview
  • Direct payments towards arrears where the tenant is in receipt of full housing benefit )not Universal Credit)
  • Help get unemployed tenants into work
  • Refer cases to specialist teams or external agencies for support and advice
  • Conduct court prevention visits.
View our tenancy sustainment statement