Meeting the challenge of urban renewal

  • 06 October 2016

The G15 – the group which represents London’s largest housing associations – has launched a report which documents 35 of its estate regeneration projects. It highlights the importance of estate regeneration in solving the capital’s housing crisis and identifies what is required to deliver more. The report shows how partnerships with local authorities and working closely with communities leads to successful projects with many benefits, far beyond vital new homes for new and existing residents.

The report, Meeting the Challenge of Urban Renewal: The G15’s Contribution to Regenerating London’s Estates, takes an in-depth look at the G15’s current and most recent regeneration projects. It outlines the complexity of delivering costly regeneration schemes and the contribution the G15 are making in terms of additional new homes delivered in the capital whilst ensuring robust community engagement and consultation throughout project cycles. It demonstrates that the G15 wherever possible is upholding the rights and wishes of existing residents, developing innovative products for leaseholders and providing housing opportunities through a range of different products for new residents.

Throughout the report various case studies are listed citing members’ best practice examples, including partnership working with local authorities and ways of successfully engaging with the community. It also lists the G15’s ‘regeneration philosophy’, a core set of principles which govern the G15’s approach to estate regeneration and proposes a new approach with central and local government which could help to unlock the potential for more and improved urban renewal projects.

Download the report here
Download an infographic summary