G15 responds to consultation on second staircases in residential buildings 30 metres and above

The G15 has responded to the Government's consultation on second staircases in new residential buildings which are 30 metres and above in height. The consultation also sought views on sprinklers in care homes and removal of national classes.

In our response, we outlined our support for the proposals. The G15's absolute priority is the safety and wellbeing of our residents and we will continue to work to ensure the homes we provide are of the highest possible standard.

As set out in our response to the consultation, we are calling on the Government to now urgently clarify the specified purpose of a second
staircase, the technical requirements, and the transitional period for the
implementation of these proposals. This clarity is vital to the long-term planning of the sector and our continued ability to deliver the affordable and social housing we as a nation need.

Urgent clarification will help the sector to mitigate the risk associated with these proposals, including a reduction in the number of affordable and social homes delivered. The Government should also consider what additional grant funding can be made available to minimise the impact that these proposals will have on scheme viability and affordable and social housing delivery.

We have also reiterate the importance of messaging surrounding these
requirements. Existing buildings of 30 metres and above without a second staircase are not intrinsically unsafe and this must be made clear as part of the implementation of these proposals to avoid any unnecessary distress to residents and damage to the confidence of investors and mortgage providers.

The Government must now engage with the G15 and the wider sector to determine a suitable transitional period to help to ensure the smoothest possible implementation of these proposals.

You can read our full response below.

View our full response to the consultation on second staircases here