G15 Ethnic Diversity Pledge Report 2023 - Chair's Blog

Before I conclude my time as Chair, it is a real honour to share the latest update report about the G15 group’s progress on delivering our Ethnic Diversity Pledge.

Some of my proudest moments Chairing the G15 have been witnessing the progress that has been made towards delivering the G15 Ethnic Diversity Pledge, both as individual organisations and as a collective. From seeing the first cohort of the G15 Accelerate leadership development programme graduates at a fantastic ceremony, to celebrating the achievements of so many amazing colleagues at the G15 Ethnicity in Housing Awards, the second edition of which took place in May.

This year’s report is not only an opportunity to mark the progress made in achieving the commitments of the pledge, it has also been an important moment to reflect on the lessons we have learned since the G15 CEOs signed the pledge back in 2020. Three years on, the G15 has renewed its commitments to promoting ethnic diversity through an updated G15 Ethnic Diversity Pledge.

I know that our organisations make better decisions when they reflect the communities we serve at every level. Since we signed the pledge three years ago, I am pleased to say that there has been real progress made on our targets to increase diversity, particularly at Board level.

However, despite these achievements, there is still a lot more work to be done. Every G15 member has a way to go to improve representation at the very top of their organisations. As senior leaders, it is our responsibility to break down recruitment and development barriers to allow talented ethnic minority colleague to reach their full potential.

I am pleased to say that at managerial level, this progress is taking place. 28% of managers across the G15 are from ethnic minority backgrounds, a 2% increase in just 12 months. However, progress at executive level remains a challenge that we are committed to doing more to address.

As the first person from an ethnic minority background to Chair the G15, I am proud to be a part of the progress made. With the brilliant leadership development programmes, like Accelerate, supporting colleagues from minority backgrounds on their career journeys, I know that I will not be the last.

The progress made so far would not have been possible without the incredible commitments of so many colleagues. I would like to personally thank everyone who has worked to make the ambition of the G15 Ethnic Diversity Pledge come to life. It is through your efforts and contributions that we will achieve the commitments we made in 2020.

Geeta Nanda OBE,

G15 Chair & Chief Executive of MTVH

Read the G15 Ethnic Diversity Pledge Report 2023 here