Celebrating G15 Accelerate graduates and their achievements

Colleagues from across the G15 have come together to celebrate the achievements of the inaugural cohort of the G15 Accelerate Programme.

Accelerate is a high calibre Chartered Management Institute (CMI) leadership development programme for minority ethnic managers who want to accelerate their career trajectory. The 15-to-18-month programme aims to build a pipeline of talented people ready to progress their careers into leadership roles.

Accelerate is delivered through a mixture of masterclasses with chief executives, coaching and dynamic interactive workshops. Participants learn a broad range of skills and theory, and develop the knowledge needed to advance in their careers. Professional coaches offer the learners intensive support to deliver their portfolio of work and coursework assignments.

Accelerate is a key part of our continued committed to delivering the G15 Ethnic Diversity Pledge, and to ensuring we better reflect the communities in which we work at all levels of our organisations. Recognising that diversity brings strength and positive change, the programme seeks to support ethnic minority colleagues who have the potential to shape the future of our sector.

The event celebrated the incredible achievements of the 37 colleagues who completed the first ever Accelerate programme.

G15 Chair and MTVH Chief Executive, Geeta Nanda, highlighted the value of the programme and the effort and perseverance of the first cohort of learners. She said that: “With any inaugural development course, there are lessons to be learned. I want to thank you for your effort and perseverance that has made the course a success. I also want to thank One Academy, who led Accelerate for the G15, for tackling these challenges head on, to ensure all learners were well supported.”

The event also included a presentation from the learners. They shared reflections on the course, their achievements, and offered their advice and encouragement for the second Accelerate cohort who are embarking on their learning journey.

Accelerate is delivered by One Housing’s training centre, One Academy. Their Chief Executive and G15 vice-Chair, Richard Hill, was also at the awards. Richard said: “the Accelerate programme highlights the progress made on the G15 Ethnic Diversity Pledge, but there is still much more to do. Colleagues have recently reviewed the pledge, and we will be bringing forward an updated commitment in the coming months, recognising that we need to be constantly striving to go further; think differently; and to challenge ourselves to bring down the barriers that remain.”

Congratulations to the Accelerate graduates, for whom, completing this programme marks an important milestone in their development journeys.