The G15 responds to housing supply statistics consultation

The G15 responds to housing supply statistics consultation

  • 30 March 2020

The Government has consulted on proposed changes to the revisions policy for the Housing supply; net additional dwellings statistics release.

This is the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government’s main official published measure of housing supply. At present revisions to these figures are not permitted after they have been published, except every 10 years at the time of the new census.

The consultation, which closed on 26 March 2020 proposed changing this policy to have more frequent annual revisions to this release which will improve the accuracy of previous years estimates of housing supply

The G15 agrees with the proposed revisions to the policy and welcome the ability to access more timely and accurate estimates of the housing supply in England. ‘Housing supply: net additional dwellings’ is widely recognised as the most robust account of housebuilding activity; therefore, it is essential an accurate timeseries is available.

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