Strong partnerships the theme of Lambeth councillors event

Some of the most important partnerships G15 members have are those with the local councillors and council officers in the areas where we provide homes.

On 23 June, the G15 members with the largest number of homes in Lambeth, South London, gathered with local councillors to discuss joint working and how we can continue to improve services for local people.

As well as bringing together councillors and colleagues from across different G15 member organisations, we were also delighted to be joined by a number of MTVH residents, who spoke passionately about community work that is being enabled by a partnership with a local charity, Fight 4 Change.

Commenting on the event, G15 Chair and MTVH Chief Executive, Geeta Nanda OBE, said:

"All G15 members are incredibly active participants in the local communities that they serve. Whether that's from enabling community projects to take off, or working with our partners and residents to tackle issues affecting local people. Amongst all this good work, we also really value the scrutiny and honesty we receive from local councillors when we aren't getting things right. That openness and direct feedback is critical to the improvement we want to deliver, and which we know is so important to the people we provide homes for. I want to thank all the councillors who attended and we look forward to working together."

Deputy Leader of Lambeth Council for Sustainable Homes and New Growth, Cllr Danny Adilypour, said:

"I speak for many of my colleagues in saying we were pleased G15 organised this opportunity for us to meet the borough’s largest affordable housing providers. G15 houses over 25,000 families across Lambeth, so as an administration we want to continue our strong partnership to deliver better living conditions for our residents to help them fulfil their aspirations. Working collaboratively in the coming years, we are also keen to build more affordable and energy efficient homes needed to tackle the scale of the housing crisis."

Last year, G15 published a report about the impact members have in the borough, which can be read here.