G15 welcomes publication of Social Housing Regulation Bill

The G15 has welcomed the publication of the draft Social Housing Regulation Bill.

Richard Hill, G15 Vice-Chair and Chief Executive of One Housing Group, said:

“Every person we provide a home for has the fundamental right to live in a well maintained home, to be listened to, and to be treated with respect by their housing provider. This must be at the heart of every interaction we have with our residents and customers. Otherwise, despite all the investment we make in people’s homes and the commitment colleagues across our sector have to making a difference for people, we will have woefully missed the point.

“We’ve repeatedly called for specific legislation to be brought forward to help underpin much of the change social housing providers are making to improve the homes and services that we provide to people. We look forward to working with the government, residents, customers, and partners to develop this legislation in the coming weeks and months.”