G15 responds to Autumn Statement

Following the Chancellor's Autumn Statement (22 November 2023), Fiona Fletcher-Smith, Chair of G15 and CEO at L&Q commented:

“The chancellor’s confirmation that benefits will be uprated in line with September’s inflation figure is very welcome. This will ensure more households are protected from the very worst of the financial pressures they are currently having to bear.

We are also pleased that Local Housing Allowance (LHA) will be restored to the thirtieth percentile, as the G15 called for. Uplifting LHA rates to current levels will reduce the affordability gap and prevent immediate and avoidable hardship for private renters.

Notable in its absence from the Autumn Statement was any mention of additional measures to support the decarbonisation of Britain’s housing stock.

We know that retrofit solves more than just the climate challenge, with a multitude of benefits stretching from lower bills for residents to economic opportunity for the country.

Housing associations are on average more energy efficient than any other homes, but we need long-term policy certainty if we are to reach net zero by 2050.”