G15 calls for social security uprating in line with inflation

Following reports that the government is considering not increasing social security payments in line with inflation, the G15 has issued the following statement:

Geeta Nanda OBE, G15 Chair and Chief Executive of MTVH, said:

“We are deeply concerned by reports that government is considering reneging on commitments to the least well-off.

“Almost 7 in 10 social housing residents living in homes provided by G15 members are receiving support through Universal Credit or Housing Benefit. This vital support is many people’s only source of income.

“We have long called for the government to commit to uprating social security payments in line with inflation, with rising costs affecting low-income households the hardest already. Whilst not confirmed, the government has previously indicated payments would track inflation. Therefore, reports that this may now not be the case are extremely worrying for many people and for G15 members who work closely with our residents.

“Those least able to weather the economic turbulence and rising cost of living must be supported appropriately.”