Room to Grow

London is built on a vibrant mix of people from all walks of life, yet the capital is increasingly unaffordable for many.

Our Room to Grow campaign shines a light on the real social and economic value created by London’s affordable homes, and the not-for-profit housing associations that provide them. 

We’ll look at how homes get built, who pays, how residents benefit, net zero, the stigma associated with living in social homes, and how Government can help create more room to grow for Londoners, London and the UK as a whole.

“Social and affordable homes, and the housing associations that provide them, change lives. A few basic tweaks from government can unlock the potential to support even more people in housing need.  All while creating job opportunities, reducing crime, promoting healthy lifestyles, and supporting children's education.”

Fiona Fletcher-Smith, Chair of the G15

London’s Social Homes Contribute Almost £6.9 Billion to UK Every Year

As we head towards polling day, the failure to address London’s housing crisis, exacerbated by political uncertainty and financial instability, is starving Londoners and the UK of at least an additional £7.7 billion annually.
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