G15 Accelerate

G15 Accelerate is a new high calibre Chartered Management Institute (CMI) leadership development programme that’s launching for BAME managers who want to accelerate their career trajectory.

In April 2020 G15 CEOs collectively signed a BAME diversity pledge committing to a set of actions to improve the ethnic diversity of our organisations particularly at senior managerial, leadership and board levels. Work to support this pledge includes a target for doubling the BAME proportion on our boards to 30% by 2025.

Diversity brings strength and we need to better reflect the communities in which we work at all levels of our organisation. This will build trust with our residents, improve our decision-making and attract and retain talented staff.

Our leadership is not as ethnically diverse as the communities we work in. This is a problem that needs to be addressed and we’re doing so with a number of actions to improve recruitment practices, remove unconscious bias and raise the profile of talented BAME colleagues in the G15.

G15 Accelerate adds to that by equipping talented BAME colleagues with the skills, confidence and connections to help accelerate their career.

The course will run over 15-18 months bringing together talented colleagues and providing space for reflection, coaching and challenge. It involves masterclasses run by senior leaders from across the G15 and it will expand your mind and network.

If you aren’t an operational manager or head of service then there are other training programmes which might be able to help you including those run by:

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If you have any queries, get in touch by emailing Academy@onehousinggroup.co.uk.